Friday, March 21, 2008

Bad Mommy

John and I are pet sitting for a friend (Jessie Moss), and watching Bandit. Some of you know this, but she is moving to a different apartment soon; one that she can't take Bandit. So, we are going to "adopt" bandit when she comes back from her trip. In the meantime, we're going over to her place and feeding him and such while she's away.

John lived with Kim and Shannon when we were engaged and knew Bandit then, and loved him. My husband is not a cat person. Period. And for some reason he's okay with Bandit. There are VAST differences between our current cat (Aria) and Bandit.

Besides the obvious male/female and size differences:

Bandit is cuddly. Aria wants to attack your ankles.

Bandit purrs, loudly. Aria "squeaks" through the window.

Bandit likes to escape and go on "adventures". Aria likes to stick her head out, afraid to actually leave the house.

Bandit eats slowly. Aria eats every last kibble as soon as it hits the bowl.

Bandit plays with a "claws-in" paw. Aria grabs you with her talons.

Bandit purrs when you trim his nails. Aria cries.
Need I continue??.....

Of all these points, It seems my cat is the horribly trained one! I'm so disappointed in this. Aria was hand raised after someone dropped her off at the vet hospital at 2 days old. Thus, I am, and in all raising factors, her mother. I am the one who disciplined her to not bite (yet she does), the one who put her on a diet (even though she continues to gain weight), the one who puts her in her crate when she's bad, opens the window so she can look out while we're away.

If all the biting, scratching, attacking she does is any indication of what happens when I mother, Dear Lord, should we ever have kids??
(rhetorical question, no answer needed, I'm sure our mothers will be the first to shout YES)

I'm also very interested in seeing how they will get along once they're through the "transition" phase of bring Bandit home. I'll keep you posted.