Friday, November 6, 2009

Hand Painting

I stumbled across this blog today : Cool Pics

And there are some really awesome artists there!

A few of my favs are the turtle, the soccer guys, and Guido's eagle.

And I thought painting my nails was tough!

Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend was probably one of the most calm weekends we've had in a while. Friday night we ran all of our Halloween errands, so that freed up time on Saturday for random home things.

I slept in, cleaned, and did a little laundry on Saturday before we went out to a Halloween Party (more on that to come with photos!) Seriously best Halloween party we've been to in quite a while! :)

Sunday, I got the chance to go to late service so I slept in yet again! Then I got to cuddle little Teagan and do what I do best, get him to sleep. We got to spend some time with the Smiths at lunch, which was a great treat! I get spoiled when I see them in Football season, and with the last few games being away, I went into withdraws.

I went home and watched some movies, and crazy enough...I didn't even take a nap! This is huge! I always take Sunday naps, and I think I caught up enough with two days of sleeping in (coupled with an extra hr from the time change) that I didn't need one. Awesome!

Finally this weekend, I got to breathe.

A big deep breath.

And one that I'm sure will help us in the next few weeks when we're going to be sprinting through life.