Monday, July 14, 2008

Down with Cat's life #1

Bandit is driving me crazy. When we first got him, I was sooo excited and happy that he seemed to be well mannered.

After we had him for about 2 weeks, he started peeing on things. At first it wasnt so bad, peeing on things occasionally and on things I could wash (rugs, bath mats, etc), but it was still really annoying. So, I took him to the vet, did some tests, and found out he has a UTI, which is pretty common. Gave him some antibiotics and it seemed to cure it all. Key word being "seemed". This weekend, he peed on our carpet twice! TWICE!!! ON THE CARPET!!!

I cant clean the carpet enough. I put resolve and cat carpet cleaner on the two spots many many times and I still seem to smell it. Cat pee is the absolute worst! It is so strong, and it stains everything and once you get it cleaned, they smell it and come back later to mark it again.

I happen to think I'm pretty patient, and he's testing my limits. John, who is not so patient, is ready to let him out the door and say "So Long!" Seriously, I cant keep cleaning the carpet like this.

So last night, I gave the cat a bath. I can hear you all now..."You gave your CAT a bath!?!??" and yes, i did. He smelled like cat pee, atleast to me (which everything seems to smell like it lately). So I gave him and Aria a bath. I used to give Aria baths when she was little, and it helps with the furr balls, and to keep their coat soft and shiny, so she did great. She stood in the bath tub, knowing that the more she fought, the longer she would be there.

Bandit however......I was just as wet as the cat by the time his bath was over. He freaked out! I knew it was coming, and I trimmed his nails before the bath so he couldn't kill me with the "Talons of Death". I'm pretty sure he about had a heart attack. So Bandit is down 1 less life than before.

And if the bad habits continue he will be down to only 1 life very quickly, and defending it out on his own in the wild craziness of Cary!