Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy Week

This week is a bit of whirlwind.

Monday night, I was a hair model for a friend's styling classes - takes a while, but they give you a glass of wine and you gossip while you wait.  Honestly not much different than my usual girl-time.

John turned 31 yesterday!  We went to dinner with some friends and had a nice relaxing evening post dinner.

Tonight, I'm going to babysit our nephew while John goes to Homegroup to listen to our friend Nate teach on Abraham and faith.  I'm looking forward to hearing what John learns.

Thursday night, we're going to an NC State Baseball game.  I love these things and we're making it John's Birthday Celebration with his family since this week is already so packed with so much else.  Really looking forward to this, as it's the only NC State Baseball game I've been to in over a year.

Friday is going to be really crazy.  We leave outta Raleigh as soon as I get off work and head down to Charlotte for a Silver show.  This weekend we'll be there for the All-Star Race which is becoming a yearly tradition of seeing friends from the other half of the state (as well as some from the southern half of the Carolinas).  It involves camping, watching races, good food, and a great time with friends.  Very exciting!  And I don't even get into the races that much.  So, Friday evening will consist of setting up the camp site for the race, dinner, load in at The Evening Muse for the Show, rocking out at the show, and ending up back at the camp site for the night - not necessarily in that order.

Sunday we head it back to Raleigh to get started on next week.  It should be a bit more calm.

Also thrown in there this week are laundry, cleaning house, making a week's worth of breakfasts, putting in telephone lines in our house, getting a security system, and packing for the weekend.

I've started only packing my schedule with things I love to do.  Part of that involves scheduling a small amount of time for the things I don't like to do (laundry, cleaning, filing paper, etc) so that it doesn't become the "thing" to do for the entire night.  And because of that, I am absolutely loving this week, despite it's busy-ness. 

What priorities have you changed that allow happiness into your life?