Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams little man

Dear Little Nephew Brayden,

I am your new aunt! I'm here to help coach you through life when you get frustrated at your parents, or just don't want to talk to them (probably when you're a teenager). I plan to be the crazy/cool aunt who lets you eat candy and run around in the puddles outside (shh...we won't tell your Mom and Dad.) I plan to spoil you rotten, and not just a little rotten...a a week old rotten!

Now this life has a lot to learn. First off, you gotta stop falling asleep when I hold're giving me a bad rap as the "cool" aunt. Second off, just because you have more hair than your Uncle John right now, doesn't mean you can just start off picking on him, although I think he's a push-over for you.

There is so much we can't wait to do with you, and it will all come with time. Just grow, be healthy, and have fun being a little boy. The rest of the world can wait, there's plenty of time to be a responsible adult when you're old (ya know, like 30). So go back to sleep now, and when you come home with Mommy from the hospital, we'll get started on all those fun things in life.

I love you my little man. Sweet dreams.

Aunt Dana

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!

John and I got our new apartment!!

We found out today that all the paperwork was approved and we go next week to sign the lease! This is such a HUGE stress reliever for us. Honestly, I never knew what it was like to not know where our things and we where we might be in a few weeks. So this was a huge step of faith and trust that we took, and God brought us through.

We never really felt like we were going to be homeless, but there was definitely a time where we did not know where the cats might end up. Thanks to all of our friends for offering up your spare rooms for us to stay. Fortunately (and I mean that for you!) we won't be needing it.

About a year ago, we would have liked to have been buying a house at this time, but circumstances did not allow that to happen. It really has been a roller-coaster the last few months, and I have a better understanding of how things like this happen to the average person, even when they're working.

The apartment we're moving into is downtown, 2 bed/2 bath. Newer place with bigger space. We'll post pics when we move in.

Since John and I are looking to be Uncle and Aunt in about a week to a week and a half, we will be planning to move towards the end of this month, around the 24th/25th. This is my ploy to drag you down with us to help us move. There will be boxes and furniture for those looking for a good workout. I know some of you have been trying to work out more and burn some calories, and what a GREAT way to do that and help out your friends!

See you then! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scary Apartment!

Here's a replay of last night:

Me: I'm reading my new Nicolas Sparks autographed book.
Bandit: is playing around messing with the door, and some Marshmallow roaster sticks for campfires we had out next to the door.
John: is in the bedroom watching sports.

I ignore bandit as he continues to play, I keep reading.
A few minutes go by, Bandit is still playing, I keep reading.
Finally, I look over and see Bandit batting at the sticks. He keeps batting, batting, bites at the sticks, batting, batting, bites.... (you can see the action I bet.)

As he bites, I notice that whatever he biting at is ON the sticks....and it just moved....IT MOVED!

So I get up thinking, "What is THAT??"

I look at the sticks, and it's a snake! A SNAKE, in our apartment!

I scream.

Of course, I scream. "JOHN!!! SNAKE!!!!!"

My re-enactment is one that is justified only in person, but none-the-less, I will describe what happens next.

John: Swings open bedroom door. Runs out to the living room. Stops, looks around, and says "Where is it??" in a panicked voice.

Me: I point to a place only 2 feet away.

John: "HOLY S***!!! HOW THE H*** DID IT GET IN HERE?!?!"

John then does the manly thing and takes the snake outside, being careful not to get bitten and protects the family.

Upon looking up the snake we find out that it was indeed a "Worm snake" is not venomous, and active primarily at night. I don't like to kill things that are not a harm to me, so I'm glad that it wasn't poisonous.

Needless to say, I hope our new apartment does not have snakes!