Monday, July 26, 2010

A little job history for ya

One thing you've probably never heard me talk about on here is my job history.  You might have heard parts in passing or could pick up on a few from previous posts, but I'm sure you've never heard my history, or heard of the dreaded first day.

I think most people are excited, nervous, and probably a little anxious over their first day at a new job.  And rightfully so.  The first day brings about many feelings that you're not quite sure how to process.  You're starting in a new company, with possibly new expectations from previous positions, along with new people and new interactions and completely new dynamics everywhere.

I personally, would like to skip forward about 3 weeks and start my "first day" then.  Somehow, I haven't mastered the hands-of-time in figuring out how to skip the first day and end up at day 15 yet....bummer.

Here's how my days of getting paid for labor have panned out:

1st job:  "Kennel Assistant" at a local to home veterinary hospital.  Better known job name - "Pooper Scooper".  And that's what I did.  First day, we had 4 dogs with extreme cases of Parvo Virus, which translates into a LOT of work for me.  I hate this virus, and it's so tough for the pups to handle.  Seriously, vaccinate your dogs.  Because of said extra hard work, I ended up working an hour late on my first day.  Everyone else went home...I had to stay to mop floors.
I cried.

2nd Job:  "Receptionist" at a veterinary Hospital in Apex.  Old green & black screen computer system and I was pretty much thrown right in to sink or swim with no training what-so-ever.  Loved my manager, but the Lead Vet was pretty blunt and told me exactly what he thought of my sinking computer skills.
I cried.

3rd Job:  "Receptionist/ Vet Tech" at a veterinary Hospital in Holly Springs. Pretty awesome group of people.  First day was pretty calm, with more up to date computer technology.  Great job, but first day I was suckered into cleaning (again) for someone, and stayed late.
I cried.

4th Job: "Research Technician" at an area facility in which studies were done on animals.  This was my first job out of college, and I realized how much my heart was going to be broken right away in this job.  But I was desperate for a job, and those student loan payments were piling up. (Side note: studies are not the same as experiments. Studies merely examine routine behaviors and do not harm the subject)
I cried. A lot.

5th Job: "Cytogenetic Technologist" for a genetics company.  First day, realized most of my work would be doing something that made me physically ill.  I immediately started looking for another job, but never left until 2 1/2 years, and 3 positions later.  Extremely stressful job.
I cried on the first day.  And at least 2 times every week for the rest of the 2 1/2 years.

6th and most current Job:  "Office Manager/ Sales Assistant" for a HVAC and plumbing systems sales company.  Love this job.  First day was pretty calm, free lunch, and learning the new job.  No one to train me but all the systems and programs I use on a daily basis are very common and easy to use.  Plus this job uses my given talents of organizing and talking to people.
First day- I didn't cry.  But today, almost 8 months after I started, I want to cry.  Extremely busy and with tasks in which I don't even know where to start.  I had to make myself take a break so that I could de-stress and talk type a little, even if it's to the blog world, in which my existence is barely known.

Seriously, making it past day 1 without crying has been HUGE.  I feel like this is a great fit for me and has been the only job in which I didn't cry on the first day. 

Anyone else have any signs that their job isn't going as well as planned?

Friday, July 16, 2010

26 Things about me

In honor of my 26th Birthday yesterday (7/15 for all you late readers), I'll let you in on 26 Things about me that you may or may not have known.  Some of these are pretty well known, others not-so-much.

Alright Here we go:
1.  I grew up on a farm.  Yes we had chickens, cows, horses, and a huge garden (along with many more species of animals).
2.  I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.  Dear Dr. Pepper Bottling Company right here in Raleigh...I secretly obsessively love you.  And I point you out every time I drive by.
3.  My hair is naturally wavy/curly.  When I was little, it was so straight it would never take a curl.  Ever. Never. Ever.
4.  During this time of super straight, lifeless, bodiless, hair, I was picked to act and sing in a play, in which I needed to have super curly, Shirley Temple curls.
5.  The curls fell out somewhere around scene 3 I'm sure.
6.  I also sang this really annoying whiny song and did a little nervous dance while on stage.  yep...pretty sure there's a video floating around out there on that.
7.  And I'm praying whoever has it lives in a deep dark cave and has never heard of youtube.
8.  I was a the proud (at the time) recipient of 2 perms growing up.  Average staying time is about 6 weeks...mine lasted 3.  Thank you 80's for the bad pictures.
9.  My first kiss was at a horse auction.  The boy shall remain anonymous.
10.  I'm also addicted to Reese's pieces.  In college, I ate an entire family sized bag in a matter of minutes while studying.
11.  Also note that this then led to the freshman Sophomore 15 20.
12.  I'm also addicted to shoes.  Lots of shoes.
13.  Obviously, I have a problem.  Or maybe lots of them.
14.  I love love love kids, but I'm super freaked out by giving birth.  Thanks birthing Horror stories.
15.  I love dancing.  Everything from swing, shag, the waltz, salsa, to hip hop, line dances, and the hand jive.
16.  My stress reliever is cooking or cleaning.  I also clean if I get mad.
17.  When John and I were dating, he would occasionally make me really mad so I'd clean their house.  But he'd never admit to that. : )
18.  My biggest pet peeve is someone blowing their nose at the dinner table.  Completely grosses me out, yet you would be surprised by how many people do this.
19.  My great grandmother is 98.  Her sister recently passed and was 108.  We have some long living ladies in our family.
20.  We always kid that my Great great aunt's secrets were: Never get married, never have kids, don't drink, and don't smoke.  So far, I'm 2 and 2.
21.  Singing loudly is part of my daily shower routine.  It's were I have the most confidence, and were my feelings for the day come out.
22.  I have a terrible driving record.  Really terrible.  Two of the wrecks were not my fault, however I'm not telling you how many were my fault. 
23.  I'm a realist.  The running joke in our house is that I'm a pessimist and he's an optimist.  However, I say I'm a realist, and he's naive.  Take your pick.
24.  A family friend once said my husband and I are Yen and Yang.  I have never agreed more than I do to that statement.
25.  My mom was a swimmer, yet I still hold my nose when I jump in the water.
26.  I've never been West of Tennessee, or North of Pennsylvania.  I plan to do both as soon as possible, whenever that may be.

I had a great Birthday yesterday.  Thanks everyone for my birthday wishes!   And thanks for reading!