Friday, January 23, 2009

Power and Change

Today I was reading in the N&O an article on Obama and abortion.

I'd like to tell you first...I am not going to debate abortion with you through a blog. If you would like to hear what I have to say, then we can talk in person.

I felt like blogging about this because with this election, and all of the historic meaning it has, it has brought a lot of press. And with that press, a lot of expectations. So, to win this election, Obama has promised change, and he has not been quiet about making that promise. But now, I think he's realizing how much power he does, and does not have to make change happen.

Just like every other president before him, he will try to take into effect the things that he thinks needs to be fixed. He may fail, he may triumph, but while he has only been our president for only a week, I think he is truly realizing just how much of an impact his choice makes on the American person.

If you read through the article, you'll find where it talks about Obama might reverse a rule that was recently put into effect "that allows medical personnel to withhold service or treatment they deem a violation of conscience." But then goes on to talk about how this rule is considered a standing point for Catholics, in particular Catholic Hospitals. The treatment or service being pinpointed is obviously abortion.

But just how much can our new president change our rules about abortion rights, without there being a consequence of healthcare, and hospital care?

I think it's something we should all think about. Sometimes, it's not just the issue at hand, but all that the issue affects, that we should really consider. Whether you're proabortion, pro-choice, pro-life, or if you choose the path least controversial, you should think about things like this. No matter how much power you might have or might not have, your actions and your beliefs will affect more than just you.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enter: Ditsy Girl

Last night, I was watching a show, and they gave the viewers a glimpse of info they're not really supposed to know. Everyone has experienced it. You know, that glimpse of the killer on the other side of the door, and...Oh no, Ditsy Girl (that being her credit name) opens the door to find the killer waiting on her.

I always talk "at" the TV in these instances. I say things like "NO NO NO Ditsy Girl! Don't open that door! He's RIGHT THERE!!!" and things like "WHAT!?!? Are You kidding me!?!??? Don't you SEE him??"

It was at this instant, that I had an epiphany. It's funny that God is that "knowing" viewer in our lives. I could only help but laugh thinking he's saying to me "NO NO NO Dana! Don't open THAT door! There is a better way!" and "WHAT!?!? Don't you SEE me!?? I'm right HERE! "

Sometimes we make mistakes, and we look back and wonder what in the world we were thinking.

Sometimes, we play the part of the Ditsy Girl, and never really think we made a mistake, and go on about our merry way, oblivious to the dangers ahead.

I've played both parts, as I'm sure most people have. And sometimes, although it be very strange, I play them both at the same time. I look back and think, "What was I doing?" and yet, I still am doing those same type things, oblivious to the danger. It's like I wasn't murdered in quite the right Horrific way the first time, that I feel I need to go back and try it again, this time RUNNING to the killer on the other side of the door.

Monday, January 12, 2009

One of my obsessions: Teeth

I really love going to the Dentist. Or I should say I love going to My Dentist. This is how I feel after I leave my appointment this morning:

I love the scraping sound as they're getting off all that plague that the toothbrush just can't get, and I really really love the polish. I like the squeaky clean feeling of your mouth when you leave.

I guess this weird obsession came when I had braces. I'm guessing maybe one of the two readers I have would know what I'm talking about. Every month or so, you go back to get the wires tightened, and they clean your teeth. You get the colors changed, and they clean your teeth. You go in for a check-up, where they do absolutely nothing... but... clean your teeth. And every time, I loved it. I got used to all the different gadgets sounds and weird functions, to where it doesn't bother me. (Getting cavities filled is a whole different story! I hate that drill!!)

And now, years later, I can tell when the hygienist does a poor job (as in my last dentist) and breezes through and hardly scrapes anything. Some might find that a joy, that they are in and out and maybe "no report is a good report" but not me. If you're cleaning for less than 15 mins, you're doing a poor job, and you're probably missing something big.

I only had 2 bad reports today, both of which I already knew. I grind my teeth, and I brush too hard. I think I like that scrape your teeth off feeling of those metal tools too much, and the toothbrush is a poor substitute. I brush with a vengeance, in all directions, until I "feel" like they're clean. "Feel" meaning that they never feel that dentist clean, but I sure try with the toothbrush, and pretty much wear out every toothbrush within 2 months. The grinding teeth thing is pretty much giving me flat, herbivorous dinosaur teeth.

John and I bought these Crest electric toothbrushes once, and they're supposed to be better for your teeth in that they do all the work for you, you just move it around your mouth. Supposedly, these $5 brushes get into spaces that the "normal" plain Jane non-motorized, $2.00 brush can not. John's lasted 6 months (like it's supposed to), and mine lasted only 2 months because I pushed on the brush too hard, constantly. I never felt like it was cleaning good enough.

So, here's what my teeth will probably look like when I'm older, says my hygienist: