Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We're trying desperately to get things finished on our house, and I'm getting anxious excited about re-organizing and utilizing our space wisely.

However, I need to confess something...

I am a Clutterer. 

Yes, horribly so.

I am guilty of reading a magazine and leaving it on the coffee table because it's convenient and sometimes because I want to think that it makes the house feel "lived in" and warm and inviting.

I like my 6-of-the-same-species-plant-because-it-never-dies all over the house.  On bookshelves and side tables, in the kitchen and on dressers.  Yeah they're only green and add no other color in my house, and yeah they all came from one main plant, and yes, I have killed several of these "never-die" plants.  I'm not the greatest with houseplants, so I overreact when a few of them live (now give me a garden and we'll see some veggies!)


I can't believe I'm actually going to tell you this...

I have been known, ....the kick a pair of shoes....under the bed!

And sometimes a shirt!

Oh geez I'm getting chills telling you that.

Secretly, I hate my Clutterer side.  Okay, not secretly - it's pretty public.  I can't stand the idea that the blank space on the wall has to be covered by something, but in the back of my mind, I'm drawing art on that wall.  Asymmetrical, rich warm toned, boxy and swirly art.

And this battle is forever going on. 

I'm constantly seeing cheap deals and thinking "How can I change this into a cute and artsy basket", "How can I store everything for my art supplies in here?", "How can I put everything I need daily for cooking out on the counter without it looking cramped?"

And then the Clean Freak side of me screams.  "What?  You do not need another BASKET!" "Your art supplies? You can store them by stopping the insanity of buying them constantly" "Everything on the counter?  Seriously you haven't used that griddle in 6 months!"

I'm sure you can see the internal battle.

So when it comes time for this house to be organized methodically with nifty "ah-ha!" ideas and creativity, you may see this calm exterior....but remember that internally, the Clutterer side is crying, and the Clean Freak side is laughing an evil laugh.

AND to kick it all off - I'm starting a new blog over at Honey Do - It Yourself

**Disclaimer...I also might be a little crazy...but you know you are too :)**