Monday, September 28, 2009


Totally loving my lunch break today! I went on a shopping spree at CVS and spent a whopping $5. I got 4 bags of tide stain release tabs, 1 bounce dryer bar, 1 bottle of tide detergent, 2 Pantene Hair Sprays, body lotion, 1 gillette razor

Here's how:
I did three transactions.
#1: $9.99 - Gillette Fusion Razor (yeah I'm hoping John will use it) ;)
-$4.00 off coupon
-$4 ECB's
Total: 2.76 after taxes
Got: $5 ECB

#2: (2) $4 Pantene Styling products
$7.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body lotion
-$3 off $15 purchase coupon
-$1.50 off vaseline body lotion
-$1 off pantene coupon
-$1 off pantene coupon
-$5 ECB from purchase #1
Total: $5.50
Got: $9 ECB

#3: (4) $4 Tide stain release tabs
Bounce Dryer Bar
(1) Tide Laundry detergent
-$5 off $25 purchase coupon
-(6) $1 off Proctor and Gamble coupons
-$9 ECB from transaction #2
Total: 7.63
Got: $10 ECB, and a $4 coupon

So, I spent $15.89 ($3.41 of which is tax) out of pocket and I have a $10 credit in ECB's for CVS, along with a $4 coupon on more body lotion.

My savings today were $49.92.

Looks like $49 is going into savings today! :)

I'm going back later this week to stock up on a sale they're having on scotch tape. I'm about to buy $15 of tape for FREE, no out of pocket expense, and still have $5 ECB.

Also, on side note...
According to my CVS coupon, as of 9/25, this is what CVS is looking like for me:
Year to date savings: $59.34
Fall 2009 spending: $8.43

I love it. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


As of the past few weeks, I have been on this saving money kick. We've always tried to save money but, not like this.

I found this great little site (thanks Mandy) that has really helped. I had been using coupons before, and had tried to do what this site says, but there were really no places that broke down the sales and prices that this place does. I could find the coupon, or find the in-store sale, but could never match them up. I would always forget the coupon, or forget the complete deal on the sale when I was at the store....add that on top of walking out of the store and never getting what you came in for (of which I am notorious), and you're talking bout saving only a few dollars.

Today, I went to Target, and spent $6.61, and saved $12.11, of which included getting a bag of cat food for $0.99. And I buy sort of expensive cat food (you can see my posts about my cat which explains why). It also included boxes of cereal, and a couple boxes of pop-tarts.

Last week I went to CVS and spent $5 and saved $20.

Before, my goal when I went grocery shopping was to save more than I spent, and it might happen 1/10 times I went shopping. But that happens every time I shop now, so I've had to re-set my goals.

Now what to do with all that money I'm saving....

I'm thinking that I will transfer that "saved" money to our savings account and just watch it grow. My thoughts: I saved $120 last week, and $12 so far this week...

And it's only Monday.

Seriously I feel a little scandalous when I walk out with a whole bag of free stuff!

P.S.- Anyone get a Sunday paper and hate those coupon inserts? Give them to me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Signified by the first football game of the season, First Tailgate, and a Thursday night game.

The sound of popping open a can, a sizzling grill, burgers and dogs, and sides galore. The overlying chatter and excitement in the air, as fans gather for tailgating. A few social games, people hanging out and catching up.

I get wrapped up in the smells, the sounds, and the excitement of all of this.

I love Wolfpack Football.