Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trapped in Hell

I work in Hell.

I'm not exaggerating. I only think I'm alive, when really, I committed some horrible horrible sin, God struck me dead, and put me in hell.

A sin so horrible that I have no one left on the outside to pray for me. That must be the only way out; to have people...friends...family...anyone, praying for me.

Those who leave must have someone left on the outside who still loves them, and prays for them. Their prayers have been answered, they were brought back to life to try to redeem themselves from the awful sin they first committed.

I've been in hell now for 2 years. 2 incredibly long years. So long I no longer enjoy the rise and fall of the sun- the rise means I must go to work, and the fall means I must sleep, to again, go to work. I am incredibly bitter towards those who enjoy the simple things in life, as I have no energy left to be happy.

Others have been in hell longer, some for 15+ years. I think they were terrorists and killed an entire nation.

I can only pray that I left someone, anyone, on the outside to pray for me. Please pray!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Experiment update (quick)

Good news: Aria is calming down. She hasn't been licking as often, which I'm sure will be promising news for the hair (eventually). She's pretty much staying her loving, rub-on-your-leg self, and she's eating her food.

This cat is seriously finicky. She doesn't eat any actual meat, only what is in the form of cat food. No chicken, no fish, no beef, no nothing. If it's wet food, she'll lick off all the liquid flavoring, and then leave the rest for days, refusing to eat it. Needless to say, it's an accomplishment for her to eat her food with this Fish oil on it.

So far, She has not regrown hair. She has however, stopped licking so much. She still licks more often than necessary, but the recurrence has gone way down. She's pretty calm for the most part, and she hasnt gained any noticable weight.

On the negatives, I kinda wanted to see some hair regrowing by now. I guess I was a little anxious considering it's only been 2 1/2 weeks, but this cat is ugly right now. Also, her breath...STINKS! Horrible! She also is pretty timid about eating the food when it has the Fish oil on it, but eventually, she does eat it.

Overall, I'd say we're on a good path here! I will update at 4 weeks with pics and we can all vote on the outcomes! :)

P.S. - I'm starting to work out now, and my energy levels are great! I actually have a little muscle starting to form in my biceps and my butt is looking great!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Experiment #1 on the cat

This is what my cat looks like right now:

No, I'm not a Beauty School Drop-Out and I didn't try to cut my cat's hair

She started a stress habit of cleaning herself and ended up licking all her furr off of her stomach, sides, and even most of her tail. She is pitiful. I have tried "Kitty Prozac" and she hates me every time I try to give her a pill. I also talked to a friend who can make this into a trans-dermal form, but requires me to pay again for the Rx. Trans-dermal is absolutely wonderful, but I would like get her to stop this without Rx medication.

Right now, she licks all the time. and I mean all the time. If she's not in my lap, she is cleaning herself or eating or drinking. (Freudian complex, yes I know).

And she has started attacking people. She is usually the cat that likes to rub on your leg and follow you around, but lately, she has been acting bipolar and flips to Psycho Kitty and bites your leg.

After hearing from a friend that her cat had the exact same issue (with the furr) and after a recommendation from a vet, started the cat on Fish oil, her cat grew its hair back in a month. I hadn't heard of this as treatment for stress or depression or anything that kitty prozac targets, but I do know Fish oil helps the hair stay shiny and smooth, and can lead to weight gain. While I don't really want my cat to gain more weight, I could see how the Fish oil could help her coat, even if it doesn't grow back.

So, now I'm playing Dr. Dana on my cat, Aria.

Here is how the experiment goes down:

Aria (see horrible pics above)

See hair growth in 4-8 weeks (some sites say to expect hair regrowth in 6-8 weeks, combined with my friend's experience, maybe we'll see some results sooner than those expectations)

Same Purina One salmon & tuna flavored food for length of experiment,
same amount of food at each feeding,
1 pump of Fish oil supplement each night at dinner onto dry food,
No changes in environment

Pics of hair growth and monitoring of cleaning habits. (I know this will only be from how often I see her cleaning herself, which is not an easily controlled data source)

Now, what I consider hair re-growth, is for those patches to be fully covered with furr. Some might consider a few hairs to be "re-growth" but this aint "Rogaine for Men" - a few little hairs aint convincing.

I'm excited! I feel like I'm starting AA for nerds: "Hi, I'm Dana, and I'm a nerd..."