Sunday, October 31, 2010

My love cup is running over.

The weather is turning cooler, and with November about to start I get a little antsy at the thought of my favorite holiday getting close - Thanksgiving.  I really do love this Holiday, and the older I get the more I love it.  I love sensory stimulations and so many things are triggered in my mind: the small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house my entirely too big family (40+ people) would cram in to fit, laughter, tons of food in a warm house, kids running everywhere, and finally getting to catch up with family I haven't seen in a year.  I smell the turkey cooking in the oven, and the front door is constantly swinging with more people coming in, with arm loads of yummy dishes.  Hugs and love are passed around freely to anyone standing too close and all the things on everyone's "To-Do" list are set aside with no hindrances on time.  I can remember when my Aunts had heads full of dark brown hair, and of ladies being pregnant, new dads overcome with pride from their newest little one being passed around with "Ooo"s and "Ahh"s at every little expression.  I can see people hover over the table as we all wait for the blessing to start this wonderful holiday of food.  I see my cousins continue to grow as I once remembered them just old enough to start school, and are now about to drive.  I soak this holiday in with every ounce of my being.

This, Thanksgiving, is My Holiday.  The one celebratory date on the calendar with which I feel the most at peace.  It's My Holiday because I feel I connect with it the most.  Food is one of the ways I show love.  Nothing gives me more joy than to make a huge, 3 day-prep, over the top, delicious meal for family and friends I hold dear.  I feel at peace because of the hand made love in each dish, because of the pure intentions of this meal to see family and spend time with them.  No gifts, no presents, no rushing to buy the latest gadget or toy or jewelry or something to satisfy someone's wants.

And this year, as with every year, I am more thankful than the last.  I am thankful for a warm house, with a loving husband, with a house that has the opportunity to make a difference in our life.  I'm thankful for the wonderful job I've worked at for almost a year, that provides us the ability for John to continue making his business a full time job.  I am thankful for my parents, for the distance I have come with them, for the strides in our relationship that have taken me years to make.  I am thankful for all of my family, for their ability to show love, patience, support, and help when we needed, regardless of how little, or how big, it was. 

My Thanksgiving will be a very joyous one again this year, and I can't wait to eat Turkey and sweet potato pie til I can't move, and see my family to hear how this past year has treated them.  And my to-do list will only get longer - but for a brief few days, I wont care about the list, and my heart will be full of enough love to last me until next year, when we do it all over again.