Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is this world coming to?

Dare I even say it..??

I found myself pulling for....THEM ....

What have I done? What am I doing?? why do I have them even winning even 1 game in these brackets?

I caught myself cheering and thinking "Go H**ls!"....yes, that word, when used in that context, is a curse.

Seriously, I am ashamed of myself.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We did laundry on Sunday. About 8 loads of it.

I'm tired of looking at clothes...I'm tired of folding clothes...

And I haven't even started ironing the ones that need to be ironed so I can wear them this week.

Only to have to do this all over again, all too soon.

And I feel like we have really cut down on our laundry amount since we have to pay quarters and walk the hamper across the parking lot. We do things like wear our jeans atleast 3 days (unless they are John's work jeans in which they are disgusting and have to be washed), wash delicate things by hand, Hang at least one load on the drying rack to cut down on money for the dryer.

Doing a load a day is not really an option for us. For 1-I dont get home until late, and by the time I even get dinner done, it's almost 9, which is not a great time to be walking around, downtown, in the dark. 2-We tried, we forgot they were in the washer, and they ended up sitting there for an extra day...yuck.

I know some of you have kids, and have to do a lot more laundry than just John and I, so I felt the need to ask:

What things do you do to cut down on the laundry loads?