Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Getaway

to Charleston this weekend! I am so excited! I love Charleston! I love the city, and the history (even though I can't remember half of the facts), and the architecture, and just all of it. I love how "southern" it is. The horses is what really just floors me. I grew up on a farm, I know all about some horses. But something about a really beautiful horse pulling a carriage really gets my little heart fluttering.....

Anyhow, back to reality....despite the horrible gas prices, and the fact that we are very close to broke, that bug that says "I need to escape" has hit us both, and so we are planning to spend the weekend with our friends Brent and Jessie. I'm excited to get to spend more time with them, as I feel like John is close to Brent, but with them moving here (mid June) I want to get to know them better. We're both off Monday, so why not spend the wonderfully long (but not long enough) weekend forgetting that we have to be responsible adults again on Tuesday morning....early.

I always have to justify to myself spending more money than I think is necessary... so this how I'm justifying this weekend:
- Free place to stay in CHARLESTON!!! :)
- Gas is only going to get more expensive, so lets go while killer, but not deadly
- Get to really know "The Francese..s.."?
- Get out of Raleigh
- Get to spend an extra day relaxing

So, the way I figure it, a tank of gas down and back is cheap for all the bonuses to weigh it out!

P.S. - Anyone else have this justifying problem? and Bernie, please don't tell me I need to come have a meeting with you about this. haha :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

One year!

So, it's time again, that I think about the marriage thing. As many of you two readers know, John and I had our first anniversary on May 5th (last Monday). This past year has really been phenomenal.

Wonderful Honeymoon! Yay for the Virgin Islands
First time staying in the same tent together
Newly wed class
First time staying together in the same bed at the In-laws & various other family's.
First Holidays as married
First Marrieds weekend at the Beach
First hosting a dating couple at our house for dinner as marrieds.

We've had a lot of "firsts" this year. It's really been so exciting seeing how we each grow with one another to work through things and not want to storm off and be alone.

Our newly wed class helped a lot with things, and I'm interested in when we decide to allow our family to grow, just how all that we've learned will play into things. There were definitely times I thought either he or I was completely insane. There were times I thought he was being a stubborn man, and he thought I was being a hormonal woman.

He's learned when I cry at commercials to not stare at me, or laugh. And in turn, I've learned that when he vegges out on the couch after work to let him be for a half hour show. We no longer do that annoying/ackward thing where we correct each other constantly, but we seem to help finish each others sentences more often.

I've been to so many Silver shows that I have groupie T. I know all their songs, even the ones they've only practiced and never played in public. I'm in the bracket known as "the wives". And I seem to constantly be hanging out with friends that have an equally as interesting counterpart to keep my husband entwined while the girls ramble on.

Yes, this year, we have learned a lot. I heard it was going to be hard, and there were those times, but at the milestone marker, I'm so excited for everything we've accomplished together. I think I'm a better person for all that we've learned together. He understands that sometimes I just need to talk and talk, and having someone there to listen is most of the battle. I understand most of the time he doesnt want to talk, and instead would rather we go watch a game, or wear matching jersies, or go bowling together.

Our anniversary was wonderful! We went out to dinner at this awesome sushi place downtown called Sono, and talked about everything that we've learned in this past year, what great dates we would like to go on, and buying a house in the future. I can honestly say he is my best friend, the person who believes in me the most, and pushes me the hardest; who sees the best in me even when I dont believe it, or see it myself.

So, for the first year, the first notch, that first hash mark, we've done pretty dang great! I'm excited to see what more is in store.

Love you dear.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Future President?

So, I heard over the news, and verified online that Obama's pastor did indeed state that "The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied."

Obama has said repeatedly that he does not necessarily agree with his religious leader on some issues, but I cant help but think that the pastor to Obama, is like that black sheep in everyone's family. The one that no matter how many times you try to talk to them, and you disagree with what they say.

I cant stand how stupid this pastor seems. Really, if the US government created HIV/AIDS to destroy "people of color", then why in the world did it start in Africa!?? Because it's such a widespread disease that continues to grow like wildfire, they put it across the world to start?? If they really meant for it to be a manner of genocide here, they would have started it here.

Great way to show your love a country that You live in, and what a great way to use the power you have over people to show God's love.

Why is it that the people that I see that have genuine love and care for the people and world around them don't have the power to make such a huge difference as this one man who causes so much disappointment? For the fact that Obama is a member of this pastor's church, and is running for president, he gains power, and then, uses that power to completely make the "church" look bad.

Seriously, I'll probably get some ridicule for posting such a controversial topic, and esp when it's about politics, but if you're going to even show concern and care about the HIV/AIDS topic, do something productive about it!