Monday, December 22, 2008

How do you know it's Christmas?

I heard this on the radio this morning, and it really provoked my thoughts.

How do you know it's Christmas? What has to happen, who do you see, etc, that really says to you "It's Christmas!"

For me, I have to see "How the Grinch stole Christmas", the cartoon version. I saw the Jim Carrey version early in December, and it wasn't quite the same. I remember watching this every year, and knowing parts by heart. The rhyme and song never grow old to me.

So I wondered, what has to happen for others to know that it is Christmas?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Update on East St. living

So this is going to require a little pre-story, to the story...

There is a couple who live above us, who evidently have a baby (~1 year old) who cries a cry that would curdle your blood. This kid knows how to cry. This is a "wake-you-from-dead-asleep-not-even-my-baby" cry. We hear this kid crying at all odd hours; when we wake up, when we're asleep (hence the title of the cry), when we're chillin watching TV, when we're lounging around the house on a Saturday....any time. And every time, It's an added birth control. I feel for these parents. I truly feel so sorry for them, and I've never even met them, probably because they spend every minute she's not crying to catch a little shut-eye. And I never know what she's crying about, I never hear anything that would should suspicious or make me think she has a reason to cry....but I think she hates nap time,...or she just likes to drive her parents crazy. (both are reasons legit)

So, onto the main reason for the blogging:

SHE FINALLY LAUGHED!! YAY!!! Friday night, as I was lying down and feeling like I was going to die from this constant cold bug, I heard the trampling of little girls feet following by that scream that says "I-wanna-scream-even-though-I'm-not-scared". Here is the narrative as heard from the floor below them:

Father-like voice: "Rooarrrr!!"
Little girls: run and scream and giggle uncontrollably.

Repeat above steps for 20 mins.

Mother-like voice: repremanding the father and unable to make out what exactly was said.
Father-like voice: "I'm Sorry....." continues on in incomprehensable words I cannot make-out.

5 quiet mins later:

Father-like voice: "Rooarrr!!"
Little girls: run and scream and giggle uncontrollably.

This was so much fun, I really wanted to be a fly on the wall in their house. I sat and listened for what seemed like forever until I finally fell asleep (to the help of some Nyquil)

That night, the little girl did not cry.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It is time

It is time ...for me to let this out.

Most people would never guess this about me, but I have a problem making friends. I'm not talking about acquaintances, hanging out with people, eating dinner with people who know a few things about me. I'm talking about serious, close, heart-to-heart friends. I'm outgoing, and always try to make people feel welcome, but seldom does that lead to a very close, can talk about anything type friendship.

Some would probably say this certainly is not true, that I'm friends with them, but I would argue and say that they don't know anything about me, except they know who I'm married to, or that I went to State, or that I have about 30 "sisters" from my sorority in college. All of which you could figure out with Facebook. Yeah, I have a lot of "Facebook friends."

I have a serious problem with making close friends. And recently (as in the past 5 years) it seems that every time I'm on the verge of making a really close friend, they move. I have one friend who has been there for 12 years. Through thick and thin, little and big, boyfriend after horrible boyfriend until I found my husband. And she lives 4 hrs away, so even talking to her, a single mother with too little time on her hands, is difficult.

Too many times, have friends who I thought were really close, turn out to burn me. One who stole my boyfriend (who I thought I was going to marry) in High school, one who tried to steal my husband when we were engaged, those who think they're making jokes at the expense of people's feelings. Not even my "sisters" in college are that close me, spare one.

And now that I'm married, making friends seems to be even harder, even though I thought it might be easier. Making friends with married women seems to start off easy, because there is someone to keep my other half occupied. But usually sometime shortly after the 10 min "How have you been" conversation, it turns to "Oh I never did THAT" and there I go, putting up the wall and the acquaintance bandit strikes again. Single women seem to always say "Oh but you don't know about that, you're married" like that's the fix-all to every problem. Hate to tell ya, but marriage is just as hard as being single.

Why is it that every time I start to make really close, stick-by-you friends, they move away. Maybe I should just pack up and follow those really close friends. I'll move to Winston-Salem, or to Ohio, although I have a feeling that psychologists would say I'm "running from my problems." And that might be, but it sure would help ease the pain.

Sometimes, I think it would be amusing to list all my emotional problems to a psychologist. The problems would be too long to list in one 1-hr session I'm sure. I could probably keep one employed for a long time, just off my visits. But, I'm sure it would hurt to bring up all the dirt, the baggage, the things I choose to forget, and hopefully never remember; the things no one knows, save my husband and 12-year friend from home.

So, sorry if you came to my blog to get your dose of humor, because it's Monday, and because I'm a person of extremes. It might just be that it's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful that most of these bad situations have come and gone, but it also brings up that I still am dealing with issues that I keep tucked deep deep in the back of my mind. A place no one wants to go.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let there be HEAT!

On Tuesday night, we finally turned our heat on. You're thinking "Wasn't Tuesday the day that we had snow flurries??" Yes. It was. That is the defining day that we finally decided that hoodies, layered clothing, and socks were no longer cuttin' it. Half way through November is when we decided to turn on our heat.

I never really noticed just how cold my feet got without heat, until I went to sleep and the sheets around my feet started to freeze. Or John's leg would brush up against my foot and He would immediately gasp at the frigidness. I started taking extra long showers, because stepping out of a hot shower is a thousand times worse when you have no heat.
I've slept the past nights with socks on, and since turning on the heat, I pull off my socks in the middle of the night. Honestly, I never even remember this at all. I wake up, and there are my socks, right beside the alarm clock.

Now, our thermostat is set at 66 degrees. This makes the 72 degree "normal" feel like a sauna.

Glorious wonderful heat. How I missed you. I am so glad you are back in my life!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Dreams little man

Dear Little Nephew Brayden,

I am your new aunt! I'm here to help coach you through life when you get frustrated at your parents, or just don't want to talk to them (probably when you're a teenager). I plan to be the crazy/cool aunt who lets you eat candy and run around in the puddles outside (shh...we won't tell your Mom and Dad.) I plan to spoil you rotten, and not just a little rotten...a a week old rotten!

Now this life has a lot to learn. First off, you gotta stop falling asleep when I hold're giving me a bad rap as the "cool" aunt. Second off, just because you have more hair than your Uncle John right now, doesn't mean you can just start off picking on him, although I think he's a push-over for you.

There is so much we can't wait to do with you, and it will all come with time. Just grow, be healthy, and have fun being a little boy. The rest of the world can wait, there's plenty of time to be a responsible adult when you're old (ya know, like 30). So go back to sleep now, and when you come home with Mommy from the hospital, we'll get started on all those fun things in life.

I love you my little man. Sweet dreams.

Aunt Dana

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!

John and I got our new apartment!!

We found out today that all the paperwork was approved and we go next week to sign the lease! This is such a HUGE stress reliever for us. Honestly, I never knew what it was like to not know where our things and we where we might be in a few weeks. So this was a huge step of faith and trust that we took, and God brought us through.

We never really felt like we were going to be homeless, but there was definitely a time where we did not know where the cats might end up. Thanks to all of our friends for offering up your spare rooms for us to stay. Fortunately (and I mean that for you!) we won't be needing it.

About a year ago, we would have liked to have been buying a house at this time, but circumstances did not allow that to happen. It really has been a roller-coaster the last few months, and I have a better understanding of how things like this happen to the average person, even when they're working.

The apartment we're moving into is downtown, 2 bed/2 bath. Newer place with bigger space. We'll post pics when we move in.

Since John and I are looking to be Uncle and Aunt in about a week to a week and a half, we will be planning to move towards the end of this month, around the 24th/25th. This is my ploy to drag you down with us to help us move. There will be boxes and furniture for those looking for a good workout. I know some of you have been trying to work out more and burn some calories, and what a GREAT way to do that and help out your friends!

See you then! :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scary Apartment!

Here's a replay of last night:

Me: I'm reading my new Nicolas Sparks autographed book.
Bandit: is playing around messing with the door, and some Marshmallow roaster sticks for campfires we had out next to the door.
John: is in the bedroom watching sports.

I ignore bandit as he continues to play, I keep reading.
A few minutes go by, Bandit is still playing, I keep reading.
Finally, I look over and see Bandit batting at the sticks. He keeps batting, batting, bites at the sticks, batting, batting, bites.... (you can see the action I bet.)

As he bites, I notice that whatever he biting at is ON the sticks....and it just moved....IT MOVED!

So I get up thinking, "What is THAT??"

I look at the sticks, and it's a snake! A SNAKE, in our apartment!

I scream.

Of course, I scream. "JOHN!!! SNAKE!!!!!"

My re-enactment is one that is justified only in person, but none-the-less, I will describe what happens next.

John: Swings open bedroom door. Runs out to the living room. Stops, looks around, and says "Where is it??" in a panicked voice.

Me: I point to a place only 2 feet away.

John: "HOLY S***!!! HOW THE H*** DID IT GET IN HERE?!?!"

John then does the manly thing and takes the snake outside, being careful not to get bitten and protects the family.

Upon looking up the snake we find out that it was indeed a "Worm snake" is not venomous, and active primarily at night. I don't like to kill things that are not a harm to me, so I'm glad that it wasn't poisonous.

Needless to say, I hope our new apartment does not have snakes!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Amy Grant and Pinesol

This weekend as I was cleaning our apartment and starting to box stuff up to move, I started to reminisce back to when I was about 10. My memory starts as me and momma cleaning the house. Who knows where the men of the house were, but in this recurring memory they are never there to rain on the parade of girliness. We're sweeping and dusting and back then, Amy Grant was huge, so of course, her CD is blasting on the "boom-box". We end up dancing in the middle of the freshly cleaned hardwoods and singing along with the CD, in never ending blissful femininity.

As I was cleaning our apartment (John was gone with the band), I was singing Amy Grant's "Galileo" in my head. For some reason, every other song on the radio couldn't compare, and the smell of Pinesol instantly brings me back..... every time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who knocks to break into your house?

John had to get up early this morning to go to his Journey group meeting. For some reason they're all a little crazy and want to wake up at 6am on a Wednesday. So this morning, he leaves, I sleep for as long as possible, and then get up and get in the shower for work.

Halfway through my shower, there is a knock on the bathroom door. John usually goes on to work right after his meeting on Wednesday mornings. So who is this knocking at my door??? I scream. I always scream when something scares me. I thought to myself, if this was someone who broke into my house, why are they knocking on the bathroom door.... but I couldnt stop screaming.

Eventually, John opens the door and says he brought me a surprise. On his way home from Panera where the boys met, he stopped by Chic-Fil-A and picked up some Chicken mini's and a Dr. Pepper!

I had a bad day at work yesterday, and this was his wonderfully great loving way of starting my day off nice, with caffeine and Chicken mini's!

My husband is wonderful. Absolutely, amazingly wonderful!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In who's bedroom??

My coworker comes up to me this morning and says "Your husband was in my bedroom when I left this morning!" and smiles.

Oh the joys of John working for himself!


Disclaimer - For those who dont know, John is doing some side work, including doing some remodeling work in my co-workers house. Incidently, he was there at 8 this morning (in Burlington) and was installing new windows.

I share my husband with other women! Lucky John.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Down with Cat's life #1

Bandit is driving me crazy. When we first got him, I was sooo excited and happy that he seemed to be well mannered.

After we had him for about 2 weeks, he started peeing on things. At first it wasnt so bad, peeing on things occasionally and on things I could wash (rugs, bath mats, etc), but it was still really annoying. So, I took him to the vet, did some tests, and found out he has a UTI, which is pretty common. Gave him some antibiotics and it seemed to cure it all. Key word being "seemed". This weekend, he peed on our carpet twice! TWICE!!! ON THE CARPET!!!

I cant clean the carpet enough. I put resolve and cat carpet cleaner on the two spots many many times and I still seem to smell it. Cat pee is the absolute worst! It is so strong, and it stains everything and once you get it cleaned, they smell it and come back later to mark it again.

I happen to think I'm pretty patient, and he's testing my limits. John, who is not so patient, is ready to let him out the door and say "So Long!" Seriously, I cant keep cleaning the carpet like this.

So last night, I gave the cat a bath. I can hear you all now..."You gave your CAT a bath!?!??" and yes, i did. He smelled like cat pee, atleast to me (which everything seems to smell like it lately). So I gave him and Aria a bath. I used to give Aria baths when she was little, and it helps with the furr balls, and to keep their coat soft and shiny, so she did great. She stood in the bath tub, knowing that the more she fought, the longer she would be there.

Bandit however......I was just as wet as the cat by the time his bath was over. He freaked out! I knew it was coming, and I trimmed his nails before the bath so he couldn't kill me with the "Talons of Death". I'm pretty sure he about had a heart attack. So Bandit is down 1 less life than before.

And if the bad habits continue he will be down to only 1 life very quickly, and defending it out on his own in the wild craziness of Cary!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach Trip!!

We are going to the beach for a solid 10 days (10 1/2 if you count us getting there tonight), and I'm itching to leave now! Why is it when you have a big trip planned, the day that you have planned to leave takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R.....

I also noticed my patience tolerence is extremely low! I'm so intolerant of little things at work, and every little thing that could possibly go wrong, does. Inevitably, we planned to leave at 7, when I got home from work. But now it's looking more and more like we wont be leaving til closer to 8. And with a 3+ hr drive there, I'm just ready to be at the beach, forgetting about work stress.

I about said some very ugly things at work towards a practice today. John doesnt even know half of what I do, but he has to listen to me vent about all of it when I'm upset about work. Poor John.

I also noticed the last time I posted was when we were going out of town....
Either means:
1 - I'm only excited to post when we're going out of town
2 - We're out of town a lot.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I took tomorrow off - yay for me!! There are many many things I need to do that only can happen from 8-5 M-F so I took off Friday.

Seriously, this is very rare. I take days off if we leave town (and I mean on a Thurs night, not a Friday afternoon) and I take days off when there is absolutely no way around it. So I'm kinda feeling a little like I'm cheating work. I'm sure it will be busy there, but there are so many things that I need to do that I really feel like it is way more beneficial to not be at work.

So, tomorrow, I have my To-Do list, and my list of things to pack before we head over the lake to camp out and waterski this weekend, and I have a few meetings lined up (the necessaries that require time off of work), but I'm feeling pretty care free about it.

I don't, however, have plans for lunch....Anyone wanna grab lunch with me since I wont be stuck all the way out in Crappel Hill?

And for humor's sake....

...can someone answer that??

Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Getaway

to Charleston this weekend! I am so excited! I love Charleston! I love the city, and the history (even though I can't remember half of the facts), and the architecture, and just all of it. I love how "southern" it is. The horses is what really just floors me. I grew up on a farm, I know all about some horses. But something about a really beautiful horse pulling a carriage really gets my little heart fluttering.....

Anyhow, back to reality....despite the horrible gas prices, and the fact that we are very close to broke, that bug that says "I need to escape" has hit us both, and so we are planning to spend the weekend with our friends Brent and Jessie. I'm excited to get to spend more time with them, as I feel like John is close to Brent, but with them moving here (mid June) I want to get to know them better. We're both off Monday, so why not spend the wonderfully long (but not long enough) weekend forgetting that we have to be responsible adults again on Tuesday morning....early.

I always have to justify to myself spending more money than I think is necessary... so this how I'm justifying this weekend:
- Free place to stay in CHARLESTON!!! :)
- Gas is only going to get more expensive, so lets go while killer, but not deadly
- Get to really know "The Francese..s.."?
- Get out of Raleigh
- Get to spend an extra day relaxing

So, the way I figure it, a tank of gas down and back is cheap for all the bonuses to weigh it out!

P.S. - Anyone else have this justifying problem? and Bernie, please don't tell me I need to come have a meeting with you about this. haha :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

One year!

So, it's time again, that I think about the marriage thing. As many of you two readers know, John and I had our first anniversary on May 5th (last Monday). This past year has really been phenomenal.

Wonderful Honeymoon! Yay for the Virgin Islands
First time staying in the same tent together
Newly wed class
First time staying together in the same bed at the In-laws & various other family's.
First Holidays as married
First Marrieds weekend at the Beach
First hosting a dating couple at our house for dinner as marrieds.

We've had a lot of "firsts" this year. It's really been so exciting seeing how we each grow with one another to work through things and not want to storm off and be alone.

Our newly wed class helped a lot with things, and I'm interested in when we decide to allow our family to grow, just how all that we've learned will play into things. There were definitely times I thought either he or I was completely insane. There were times I thought he was being a stubborn man, and he thought I was being a hormonal woman.

He's learned when I cry at commercials to not stare at me, or laugh. And in turn, I've learned that when he vegges out on the couch after work to let him be for a half hour show. We no longer do that annoying/ackward thing where we correct each other constantly, but we seem to help finish each others sentences more often.

I've been to so many Silver shows that I have groupie T. I know all their songs, even the ones they've only practiced and never played in public. I'm in the bracket known as "the wives". And I seem to constantly be hanging out with friends that have an equally as interesting counterpart to keep my husband entwined while the girls ramble on.

Yes, this year, we have learned a lot. I heard it was going to be hard, and there were those times, but at the milestone marker, I'm so excited for everything we've accomplished together. I think I'm a better person for all that we've learned together. He understands that sometimes I just need to talk and talk, and having someone there to listen is most of the battle. I understand most of the time he doesnt want to talk, and instead would rather we go watch a game, or wear matching jersies, or go bowling together.

Our anniversary was wonderful! We went out to dinner at this awesome sushi place downtown called Sono, and talked about everything that we've learned in this past year, what great dates we would like to go on, and buying a house in the future. I can honestly say he is my best friend, the person who believes in me the most, and pushes me the hardest; who sees the best in me even when I dont believe it, or see it myself.

So, for the first year, the first notch, that first hash mark, we've done pretty dang great! I'm excited to see what more is in store.

Love you dear.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Future President?

So, I heard over the news, and verified online that Obama's pastor did indeed state that "The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of color. The government lied."

Obama has said repeatedly that he does not necessarily agree with his religious leader on some issues, but I cant help but think that the pastor to Obama, is like that black sheep in everyone's family. The one that no matter how many times you try to talk to them, and you disagree with what they say.

I cant stand how stupid this pastor seems. Really, if the US government created HIV/AIDS to destroy "people of color", then why in the world did it start in Africa!?? Because it's such a widespread disease that continues to grow like wildfire, they put it across the world to start?? If they really meant for it to be a manner of genocide here, they would have started it here.

Great way to show your love a country that You live in, and what a great way to use the power you have over people to show God's love.

Why is it that the people that I see that have genuine love and care for the people and world around them don't have the power to make such a huge difference as this one man who causes so much disappointment? For the fact that Obama is a member of this pastor's church, and is running for president, he gains power, and then, uses that power to completely make the "church" look bad.

Seriously, I'll probably get some ridicule for posting such a controversial topic, and esp when it's about politics, but if you're going to even show concern and care about the HIV/AIDS topic, do something productive about it!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wanda Sykes

is my cat's alias human name. When I think of what my cat would say, it always comes out in a Wanda Sykes voice.

"Get your a** to work. You betta feed me 'fore you leave. I'll scratch all your stuff up." "Why EVERY time he gotta eat, he gotta chew! What's wit this chewing!?"
Wanda Sykes

We brought home Bandit on Sunday, and he and Aria have not been the best of friends. We expected this, seeing as our cat has been the only one for all of her life. We keep them separated when we're at work, but when we come home we'll let them out around the apartment together. And every time, I can just hear Aria saying:

"What da hell he think he's doin? Comin in here acting like he owns da place. Well I got news for him!"

Aria is by far the psycho cat, and I'm thinking she'll kick Bandit's butt before it's all over with. He backs down, and runs and hides.

And I can't help but think it's 'cause in cat language she's chewing his butt out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Missing Ben

Ben is my Godson. And he turns 4 in a few days. It really breaks my heart that he's so far away in my home town, and I only get to see him briefly when I go visit. The last time I went home was about three months ago, and here he was playing hand held video games and talking up a storm, when the time before that, he was mumbling randomness and not really making coherent thought. He's shy, and so when I go see him I just want to hug him, but he only knows my name and he doesn't really want to come hug me.

So, unfortunately, his birthday party is happening this weekend. His mom says all he wanted to do was have his party at Chuckie Cheese! My little man is growing up, and the time when he can be the most interactive is the time where I'm so busy I cant even go see him.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Bad Mommy

John and I are pet sitting for a friend (Jessie Moss), and watching Bandit. Some of you know this, but she is moving to a different apartment soon; one that she can't take Bandit. So, we are going to "adopt" bandit when she comes back from her trip. In the meantime, we're going over to her place and feeding him and such while she's away.

John lived with Kim and Shannon when we were engaged and knew Bandit then, and loved him. My husband is not a cat person. Period. And for some reason he's okay with Bandit. There are VAST differences between our current cat (Aria) and Bandit.

Besides the obvious male/female and size differences:

Bandit is cuddly. Aria wants to attack your ankles.

Bandit purrs, loudly. Aria "squeaks" through the window.

Bandit likes to escape and go on "adventures". Aria likes to stick her head out, afraid to actually leave the house.

Bandit eats slowly. Aria eats every last kibble as soon as it hits the bowl.

Bandit plays with a "claws-in" paw. Aria grabs you with her talons.

Bandit purrs when you trim his nails. Aria cries.
Need I continue??.....

Of all these points, It seems my cat is the horribly trained one! I'm so disappointed in this. Aria was hand raised after someone dropped her off at the vet hospital at 2 days old. Thus, I am, and in all raising factors, her mother. I am the one who disciplined her to not bite (yet she does), the one who put her on a diet (even though she continues to gain weight), the one who puts her in her crate when she's bad, opens the window so she can look out while we're away.

If all the biting, scratching, attacking she does is any indication of what happens when I mother, Dear Lord, should we ever have kids??
(rhetorical question, no answer needed, I'm sure our mothers will be the first to shout YES)

I'm also very interested in seeing how they will get along once they're through the "transition" phase of bring Bandit home. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creative Bone is itchin'

I'm into painting. A little. and I have ideas, but I'm always unsure about the media that I'm using and about the overall feel this artwork is gonna take.

We have some unfinished artwork in our house, that none of you have probably ever seen, and from the time scheme that it's taking, probably never will see! I don't know if this is simply b/c I'm not feeling motivated lately, or if I'm just too stressed about other things, or that we're too busy, and all of those things combined could partially be it too, but I realized I start about 3 or 4 projects and never finish any of them!

There's some wooden chests (of which the recipients of said chests will remain nameless until said chests are finished and delivered-ahem supposed to be finished 2 yrs ago)
There's the 3 empty canvases that have an idea in my head, but I'm afraid I'll mess it up, so I won't even start.
There's the on-paper-only squares canvas painting.
And there's a Window from our old friends Meredith and Jon Ellis' old house before they moved, which we thought we would put pictures in, but clearly haven't done that, as it sits by our front door!

So...anyone have any ideas of a class or can offer some help in pushing me in the right direction?? like I said: "I'm into painting. A little."

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thoughts on Marriage

John and I are going to this Newly Weds Class at our church ( and it's really been insightful. We're going through a book right now titled "Sacred Marriage," and this past Sunday it really went well with Jeff's message. I'm really interested in the historical aspects of stories and points in the Bible, so this message really stood out to me, but more importantly, it really reflected how our culture views things in much the same way as it happened years and years before. One of the points was, people were coming up to Jesus and posing him with questions on how to get out of marriage. When really, it sounds like they were asking the wrong question. It shouldn't be how do you get out marriage and get a divorce, it should be, How do I honor God with my marriage, and show love to the other person, like God shows it to us. Jeff made a point about how many children of divorce grow up with a distorted view of God's love, because if the ultimate point of marriage is to show that agape love to one person as God shows it us, and growing up you only see that Godly view of love (marriage) fall apart, it's not really showing God's love. I didn't grow up with divorced parents, but Jeff painted a picture of what it was like in his household before his parents got a divorce.

Everyone has an idea of marriage that I think we set up on this pedestal that it is so easy, and carefree and that it just happens to be this way forever. You hear "Marriage is hard" from everyone, and you think when you're engaged, oh that's not us - we're different. And that's just it.....We are different! We are two completely different people with different views on life, different goals, different pasts, different ways to express things, different...everything! Our main principles are the same, we love God, our families and our friends, and we love each other. But God's plan for marriage is to love out his view of love, that agape love, to our spouse, the one person on this earth we get the liberty to CHOOSE to love. We choose the easiest person to love; We pick out a person who seems enough like us to compliment us, but still different enough to challenge us to be holier people; we choose the person that respects us, and listens to us. What about those people that God challenges us to love that are nowhere near that in our eyes? That person that wronged us years ago? That person that we don't even know, on the street, or next door, or at work? We're called to love them too, but in marriage we get the easy way out; we get to pick!
So, by being a Christ follower and showing God's love to everyone, it should start with the most important living being in your life, the one that God ordained as your spouse. That is where we need to show it most. And yeah, while I grew up with a distorted view of marriage, you can't focus on that, because as this class has taught me, if you focus on the one thing that you don't want to be, you lose sight of what you DO want to be, and by default you end up being the inevitable. So while I still feel knots in my stomach sometimes that that could end up being us, we're taking the steps now, to focus on what God sees marriage as: The replica of God's love to us, lived out through a marriage relationship. A never ending, constantly loving (no matter how difficult) relationship where you accept your spouse for who they are, and challenge them to become holier and more Christ like.

After that isn't loving someone you see occasionally (the homeless, the neighbor, the co-worker) seem so much easier?