Friday, December 18, 2009


We're moving Saturday (as seen in previous post) and what have I heard all week but "It's going to Snow This weekend! You might not get to move!"

And just so we're clear: We're moving - rain, sleet, snow, or shine. end-of-story. period. the. end.

According to WRAL's weather team: "'It doesn’t look all that great for a big snow event in the Triangle,' Fishel said."

And then I started thinking about past years here in the oh-so-winterous city of Raleigh that's so nestled within the south that milk and bread are flying off the shelf in a big fat hurry (even though if there were a big snow, your power would be out and your milk would go bad). And there's not much snow in those memories. Last year we finally got enough snow that it impaired travel abilities and it was 6 inches. INCHES people....inches, not feet, we're not getting much this weekend, and you're getting all hyped up about nothing.

How many times have we heard the weather people say "We MIGHT see a chance of flurries" and everyone starts making travel changes? And how many times has anyone actually seen any sign of snow on those days? Not many.

I also love how in WRAL's weather articles, they already have to state to people that major travel arrangements are not planning to be compromised. Like this:

"The airport will not close and airlines will make decisions individually about flight cancellations.

Travelers are urged to contact their airline before heading to RDU."

As in, get over it, we're not getting much here, if any at all.

Seriously, Raleigh is not located in the best place for snow fall. And those people who freak out when the chance of a flurry is mentioned need to pack it on down to Florida where snow is never a question and where their low today is 54.

Personally I love the snow. I act like a kid and want to be out in it making angels and forts and throwing snow balls. But come on people....seriously - canceling flights for the chance of a FLURRY!?!?

*Sorry for the random vent session...I mean, really. *

Monday, December 14, 2009

Calling all Friends

So in the last month, Our life has been turned upside down, but in a good way.

After finding out that the cat has caused us to be evicted, we started the search for a new place to live. Primarily, that search was for rental apartments and then rental houses.

Then what happened next was a whirlwind.

As I was searching for a rental house through an online search, the settings defaulted back to searching for a house to buy. Okay so just switch it back and get on with the search. But curiosity was definitely getting the best of me, so I start dreaming and looking through the houses. I put in what I think is a reasonable price for a run down, beat up little house, and up pops this little guy:

A little 780 sq ft house in southeast Raleigh, that needs tons of TLC, but has lots and lots of charm.

So, we bought the house, we're starting renovations, and we're moving out of our apartment. However, our house needs a bit (as in a lot) of work before we can move into the house and our apartment lease ends this coming Saturday. So for the next couple of months, we will be moving our stuff into a POD for temporary storage.

Now, we need your help!!

We are moving this Saturday Dec 19th from 8am to noon. The PODs people will come pick up the POD at noon, so we have to move all of our stuff in the POD by then (you can thank Raleigh DOT for the short time frame).

Here's what you'll get out of it:
1. Helping friends when they need it most
2. Getting your work out in for the week to combat that Christmas dinner coming up soon.
3. Spread some Christmas Cheer
4. It's only 4 hrs - you'll still be out in plenty of time for Christmas shopping and cookie baking
5. You get to spend quality time with old and new friends discussing what you think might be in the Enzor's boxes! (Those boxes labeled miscellaneous always perk the curiosity)

Feel free to bring some friends who might be interested. Let me know if you plan to come so I can plan food accordingly.

Thanks for being involved in our lives and for taking part of this journey we have set out on with our new home.