Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas 2010

Every year, as Christmas approaches I start to dread the end of December.  And part of this goes back to my Thanksgiving Post about the things that speak love me.  I dread Christmas because it only has an honest and "good" message when you're at church on the 25th, or at the Christmas play you go and see. 

Every year, I have a huge problem coming up with ideas for a Christmas list, because I keep being told "They should be things that you want." Well, not a major newsflash to many of you, but I tend to think I'm kind of a minimalist.  I like things organized, and I like there to enough of what we need, but none of what we don't.  We didn't even pick out a china pattern, because I thought it was useless - the plates we registered for were inexpensive, sturdy, and basic enough I could dress them up if I really wanted to, but great for everyday dining, and I could put them in the dishwasher.  It really doesn't take much "things" to make me happy.  Now, that's not to say a thoughtful gift here or there doesn't make a huge impact - I can definitely appreciate someone seeing something that is inexpensive, yet says "That's Dana!" to them and picking it up for me. I like that. 

However, Christmas has become about lists, and "who-to-buy-for"s and outdoing last year's gift, or picking out the gift that will be remembered the most. 

And I'm exhausted by it all. 

We've barely made it halfway through November, and I'm already exhausted by the thought of Christmas.

So this year, I'm doing things differently.  I'm starting now to think about how I want those things to change, because I really don't want to stand in a long line to buy a gift that I know will either be accepted with that "Oh...thanks." response that I know really means, "Great, another one of these...." or will tossed into the toy bin binS, as I know that child has more toys than we have bills.

Maybe I'll go the handmade route, and make some of my gifts this year.  Maybe I'll try the quality time route, as that seems to be something that we have very little of, but we could all use much more.  Or the service route, and do something like volunteer to wash and fold a few loads of laundry or treat a family to dinner with no cooking and no cleaning needed on their part. 

Do any of these things sound like something you'd like as a gift, and what things speak love to you?