Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the answer is...


Yay for those votes that went to C. I cleaned out Betty and started her up to start smelling that burning smell again, and after a few minutes, the smell seemed to subside.

I would like to say however, that Betty has seemed to start to emit that burning smell again this week, so I haven't completely fixed her. Maybe there are some training classes I was supposed to take before becoming the "Vacuum Repair Lady." hmmm...

Thanks for all those votes of confidence! Seriously glad no one voted A. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Notes of the Unemployed

Unemployed, I am.(spoken like Yoda)

And I have to say I like it. I get to do all the things I wish I could have done while I worked. Like go to the grocery store, and go to the Library, and run all those wonderful errands that seemed like too much to do after working a long day.

For example, recently, our vacuum has started emitting this burning smell when you start vacuuming and it only gets worse while you vacuum. It's a little frustrating that I just cleaned the apartment, and start the last step (vacuuming) and now it smells horrible again. If you've ever had this problem, you know how bad it smells.

So what did my unemployed self do? Did I decide to throw it out? Did I take it to a repair shop? Did I just give up on vacuuming?

Nooo to all three of those! :) I decided that I am technically savvy enough to fix it on my own! haha! Yes, me the "Vacuum Repair Lady". I love it.

With all of the following happening, I feel I need to name our vacuum...lets call her "Betty." I really felt like a surgeon at times, and doing surgery on a nameless subject seems pretty morbid.

So, I took Betty apart last night after dinner and checked everything that I thought it could be. According to some online reviews, Betty could've had a loose or worn belt, bad brushes, some clogged hoses, or dust on her motor. I checked all of those things and I have to say that I did not find anything that I said "Ah Ha!" about, but Betty was pretty dusty in general and in need of good bath. So I broke her apart (with a hand-held old-fashioned screw driver), all the way down to the electrical wirings in the heart of Betty. On the way out of surgery, I realized I could call on my assistant who happens to own an electric screwdriver. So John pops down to the truck to retrieve my surgical instrument and we get Betty stitched back together in no time.

My Assistant even felt so relieved he went out to Big Boss for a beer with the guys while I finished my last few stitches.

There were a few things that required deep cleaning, like one of the filters that could be washed, but then needed to air dry, so I let Betty recover over night.

Today, I tested Betty out, and what do you think happened?

I will let you guess one of the following multiple choice answers:

A.) Betty did not work at all. "Vacuum Repair Lady" Dana is fired.

B.) I found several screws missing from Betty: vacuuming resulted in several pops and noises not typical of a vacuum.

C.) The smokey burning smell was present at the beginning of vacuuming but went away shortly after Betty was up and running.

D.) No smokey smell emitted from Betty; an estimated $90 for a vacuum repair man was saved due to the "Vacuum Repair Lady."

Vote now, and I will post the answer in the next couple days. Que Jeopardy music.