Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recommendations please

Today, John and I went to the Verizon store to upgrade our plans. 2 years ago, all we needed was calling and texting...but now some things have changed.

John needs a business friendly phone, one that he can email, check the web, text, and do just about anything with. He found a phone he likes, and has all his wants/needs/fun things.

I need a phone that texts, calls people, and the battery doesn't die every day. End of my "needs/wants/fun things."

So, off to Verizon we go, feeling pretty good, mildly worried about how much all these "needs/wants/fun things" is going to cost, but knowing that at least his stuff can be written off for taxes for his business.

Now, for this part of the story, you have to understand that I consider myself a very patient person. BUT- I am a redhead, through and through. We are typically very patient, but once that scale is tipped, it's fury for all those involved...for good. Ask this to John and he'll completely agree, that it takes a lot to really make me mad, but when I am, it's fury. Fiery, mad fury.

On with the story:
We go into the Verizon store, look at a phone or two, and sign in. Up pops my name on the screen that the whole store can see that we are in need of the "sales" department...and we're the only name on the list. So we continue to browse for some phones. John's pretty set on the one he wants, I don't really know what I want...we're clicking through about 15 mins here.

I look up to the screen and see that my name is still there...still the only one there mind you. And continue to browse some more. A few more minutes go by and I glance up to see that my name is now off the list.

Oh Yay! We're about to get this underway.




Okay, maybe not.
At this point, I'm getting pretty agitated. I contemplate re-signing in. Obviously, they didn't help me the first time, so..signing in again might help? I ask John what's going on, he doesn't know but he's trying to look up a different Verizon location on one of the display phones.

I make eye contact with a sales rep across the store behind a counter not helping anyone.

Okay, then we'll wait some more...




Alright John. Enough. I'm mad. Rudely mad. Mad enough that if someone stops me as I'm walking out the door to try their salesman pitch to keep me there, I'm going to be offensive.

Over 45 minutes at that store, and not ONE person came and talked to us.

Not a one.

I have never worked at Verizon, nor any other cellular phone store, but I think the only way to get business is to talk to someone.

So, this is where you come in. Now, we are thinking about changing providers. We've not been super pleased with Verizon overall, and today might have just tipped that scale to highly displeased.

Verizon is pretty much the only carrier I have used.

For my plan, it will cost $45/mo for the lowest minutes, and basic texting.

John's will cost $100, for mid-range minutes (900), internet, texting.

Pros for Verizon:
-Give you money every 2 yrs to apply towards a new phone.
-Already a customer, no more paperwork to fill out.
-Free in network minutes.

Cons for Verizon:
-See no difference than other carriers
-Poor customer service.

So please, Tell me what carrier you have, what you like/dislike about your carrier, and if it's worth switching. I've heard all the "salesmen-eese", I don't want to hear their input. You use it, you know what the downfalls are and the great things about your service; you know which phones are bad, which ones break constantly, and you know which company will be worth it in the long run. So, Tell me all about it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So I realized that I haven't posted anything at all yet in June, and it's almost over!

In efforts to's why we've been so busy!:
Palmer's 2yr bday party
Joseph from AHC visiting here
No Doubt concert
Dinner with friends with a new baby! (yay Mullises)
Surprise Bday Party for Barry
Regan's 1st Bday Party
Father's Day/Parent-in-Law's Anniversary/Bro-in-law's Bday (all in one day!)
Franceses B-day Party
Quitting my job
trying to find a new job

This week, I plan to:
Continue searching for new job
Start training new person to take over my current job
See Transformers 2
Visit new Smith baby boy
Do laundry before our trip next week

Next week:
Work last day
Pack on Tuesday
Gone to the beach til Sunday evening
John's going to DC for a show on the 4th.

So, June has been busy for us. This of course does not include the weekly Homegroup meetings and helping John w/ his business most nights, and meetings with various people through the week.

People keep asking me how I feel about July and entering it with no job, and I'm really....happy, relieved, and ready for a break. I also feel confident that God will provide for us. He's done it time and time again when we have needed it, and I know that he will again. Also, I'm probably going to be helping John more through the day so that we're not spending every night doing business stuff.

I would like to see my husband occasionally when it has nothing to do with work.

Soon, I will have more interesting things to post. I promise. This is also why I do not one wants to know our day-to-day activities, they are obviously very boring.

Also, shameless plug: If you are going to be in DC for the 4th, you should go see Silver play!! They are so excited and would love to see you there!