Friday, September 19, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008

Amy Grant and Pinesol

This weekend as I was cleaning our apartment and starting to box stuff up to move, I started to reminisce back to when I was about 10. My memory starts as me and momma cleaning the house. Who knows where the men of the house were, but in this recurring memory they are never there to rain on the parade of girliness. We're sweeping and dusting and back then, Amy Grant was huge, so of course, her CD is blasting on the "boom-box". We end up dancing in the middle of the freshly cleaned hardwoods and singing along with the CD, in never ending blissful femininity.

As I was cleaning our apartment (John was gone with the band), I was singing Amy Grant's "Galileo" in my head. For some reason, every other song on the radio couldn't compare, and the smell of Pinesol instantly brings me back..... every time.